Hello human. My name’s Rachel and I’m a teenage something year old and I’ve recently discovered I have a passion for baking. Less recently, as in around the time I was a mere zygote, I discovered a have a passion for reading too.

I’m at the age where everyone is asking me ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?’ and I’d be lying if I said I knew. However one thing I do know is I LOVE food, specifically cakes, and my dream day would involve me waking up, going into the kitchen and baking until the sun sets. I’m also massive bookworm who lives in a forest (because there are so many books in my room…and books are made of paper…and paper is made of trees…) so I will be reviewing books on here too.

This blog is for me to test my baking/writing/photography skills, sharing recipes and  images that hopefully won’t make me want to cry. This is me trying to act on passions and feel as though I have a purpose. This is me sticking my head out of the cave, hoping the wind wont blow it off.